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Brick Paving Services

Brick Paving Services - G & L Lawn Service Inc in New Jersey
When choosing a professional landscape contractor for your brick paving project, don't settle on poor workmanship, let the professional experienced landscapers at G & L Landscaping impress you with our quality and knowledge. We ensure the site preparation is correctly graded and compacted properly so your new driveway, patio, walkway or other brick pavers last for many years.

Brick pavers are available in various exciting patterns that can help you achieve your dream look and feel – from basket weave, herringbone, spin wheel, stack bond, running/stretcher bond, and many others. Additionally, they come in various colors such as red, buff, pink, orange, brown, and green. The different brick paver shapes also add up to the dozens of exciting design themes that contractors and landscapers can create for your property. Shapes like rectangle, square, fan, keyhole, parallelogram, and allow for highly customized and one-of-a-kind look and feel.
The decision on which brick paver pattern, design, color, and shape to use typically lies on clients like you but if you're unsure of the right options, there are expert people like G & L Landscaping who will gladly help you in the decision making process.

There's no denying that natural stones are among the most attractive and prized landscaping and building materials used by property owners, builders, artisans, architects, landscape designers, and contractors. It is primarily because of their sheer beauty and decorative possibilities that natural stone pavers are used extensively in landscaping.

Additionally, at G & L Landscaping, landscape structures made of high quality natural stones such as granite, marble, slate, bluestone, limestone, porphyry, and flagstone are able to withstand extreme loads and weather changes. Stone pavers are also ideal for different applications since they require very minimal maintenance. Usually, all you need to maintain their pleasant appearance is to regularly wash the surface using jet spray. While they may cost higher than other materials, they more than make up for it with their beauty, functionality, and incredible strength.